Be Prepared For Total Knee Postoperative Bleeding With The
ConstaVac™️ CBCII Blood Conservation System
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Don't be taken offguard by postoperative bleeding

We understand your team is doing everything possible during a total knee replacement to prevent postoperative bleeding. Sometimes forces outside your control cause a patient to bleed more than expected. Be prepared for potential postoperative bleeding with the ConstaVac™️ CBCII system, which works postoperatively to collect, filter, and allow for the reinfusion of the patient's blood.

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Constavac CBII blood collection system being marked.

A blood collection system
designed for you

Superior Safety

The CBC II is a closed system that offers a safe method to collect and reinfuse the patient's blood following a total joint procedure.

Easy To Use

The quick-connect system offers practitioners an easy way to disconnect and reconnect additional blood bags and drain lines.

Cost Effective

Unexpected blood collection and reinfusion can be expensive. The CBCII system provides facilities with a cost-effective solution.

Total knee blood collection on the move

After a total knee procedure, unexpected postoperative bleeding shouldn’t delay patient ambulation. The CBCII ambulating bulb allows for the collection of postoperative blood while still giving patients the ability to ambulate. All ambulating bulbs utilize the Constavac quick connect system and are easily connected and disconnected from the patients drain line.

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CBCII ambulating bulb

ConstaVac™️ CBCII
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